2014 Peru

The North Pacific Union Conference is sponsoring a mission trip to Tarapoto, Peru. Needed: Speakers and support team members for 30 sites In partnership with these Seventh-day Adventist Organizations: South American Division North Peru Union Mission Northeast Peru Mission Location: Tarapoto, Peru Dates: March 19-30, 2014 Activities: Preaching/Teaching the Bible Estimated Participant Cost: Estimated Airfare… Continue reading 2014 Peru

2010 Peru (Trujillo)

2010 Peru #07 Morning Mentoring Meetings & Misc

Five mornings a week (Sun, Tue-Fri) our group gathered for singing, prayer, a devotional from one of our members, testimonies, cultural and soul winning training and preparation to present the Bible truth that evening. These meetings bonded us together with each other as well as strengthened our faith in God’s leading. See pictures at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=53658&id=1367924641&l=c9f7ebef76.

2010 Peru (Trujillo)

2010 Peru #6 Student Teams Orientation (Mar 18)

Eleven teams of students from Northwest Adventist Academies (AAA-3, CAA- 1.5, CCA- 1, Milo- 1, PAA- 1.5, UCA-3) arrived March 17 to share Jesus and His Word with the city of Trujillo during their spring break. They joined our current teams, bringing the total number of short-term missionaries from the northwest to 85!   See pictures at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=53247&id=1367924641&ref=mf

2010 Peru (Trujillo)

2010 Peru #03 Cajamarca & Chiclayo Trip (Mar 7-9)

Ramon Canals, Alphonso McCarthy and I (Dan Serns) took three days of vacation to visit the cities of Cajamarca and Chiclayo, Peru with church leaders to learn more about the culture and Seventh-day Adventist work in these areas. Click here to see photos.     More info– Cajamarca- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cajamarca Adventist info for this area- http://www.adventistdirectory.org/ViewAdmField.aspx?AdmFieldID=NPACM Chiclayo- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiclayo… Continue reading 2010 Peru #03 Cajamarca & Chiclayo Trip (Mar 7-9)

2010 Peru (Trujillo)

Advance Team Arrives for Trujillo, Peru 2010 Project Macedonia

On Friday, March 5, the advance team of Ramon Canals, Alphonso McCarthy and Dan Serns arrived in Trujillo, Peru to finalize preparations for 80+ team members who will be arriving in two waves over the next two weeks to teach and preach at 50 sites throughout the city. For more information and pictures see http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=51808&id=1367924641&l=b6e0a45615