2008 Philippines

Me – a Missionary? – What God did with me during Spring break – March 2008

This article was published in Insight Magazine February 28, 2009.

by Betty C. C.

I want to encourage you to go preach on an international mission trip. I recommend going with ShareHIM, your local conference, or union. Making the sacrifice to go on an international mission trip will have definite eternal rewards, because you are obeying God, by spreading the gospel, and in doing so helping to fulfill the Great Commission. God will be able to grow you spiritually in ways He would not be able to if you stayed inside your comfort zone, because you will have to rely on Him a lot more – for absolutely all your strength. See Psalms 18:2 and 27:1.

I want to emphasize that the Lord can use you to spread the gospel, whether you are older or younger. For instance, there was on our team an eleven-year-old speaker, Shylla Gessele, and an eighty-six-year-old speaker, Mrs. Sarah Jane Clouse. Mrs. Sallie Demers at sixty-two and I at sixteen had never spoken before, and neither had Seth Sutherland, a fifteen-year-old who preached almost a whole campaign by himself on an island to the south of the one on which we were located.

Christ said in Matthew 9:37 the harvest was great, but there was a problem – a shortage. This shortage is not in money or other resources, because the Earth is the Lord’s. The shortage was in workers: not of employees, but workers – people dedicated to serving God and their fellow man, rather than themselves and their own pleasure. He needs those dead to self and alive to Him, those who are truly open channels not blocked with selfishness through whom His grace might flow. He needs you.

But you say, I have never preached before and definitely not overseas. I had not either when I went to the Philippines a few short months ago. In fact, I had come to tell felt Bible stories, not to preach, but the Lord convicted me during orientation in Manila that He wanted me to offer to preach. Continue reading “Me – a Missionary? – What God did with me during Spring break – March 2008”

2008 Philippines

Update from the Philippines

We are happy to report to you that the brethren have been involved in nurturing since you left us after the ShareHim Evangelism here in North Philippines. We had around 2 to 3 additional baptism added per site, because of the follow up meeting and Bible study of the laymen.As a result of Evangelism, Malamig and San Lucas were organized into churches.

Another 2 companies were organized also, the Dolores and Santa Monica. Their mother church was San Lucas in San Pablo. Because of so many baptisms in San Pablo these 4 churches and companies were branched out as new congregation.

We have been planning to buy a church lot for these 2 new companies. We have funds given by the Division, but for church building, we are soliciting here locally and abroad with a budget of around $10,000 each.

Thank you so much for the donations. So far $2,601.50 has been collected as payment for the hotel, food, Bibles and others.

God bless you all members of ShareHim Team.

2008 Philippines


I was truly blessed by going to the Philippines. I have been blessed so much by being home in that the Lord has granted me 7 opportunities to share my story of going to the Philippines. Today I had the opportunities to go to our local alcohol treatment center and share with the clientele there. I am a part of Toastmasters and our president invited me to come and give a speech. I did not at the time know what I would speak on.

Monday I was sharing with a friend of mine in the community. She shared with her husband, who is the president of the Kiwanis Club, he called and invited me to speak for their club. I agreed to share 20-30 min next Wednesday. Tuesday I spoke with the Toastmaster President and asked if I could practice at the treatment center what I would be sharing at Kiwanis. He is teaching a public speaking class at the treatment center. He told the group that I would like them to evaluate my presentation and give me constructive input. I was blessed with their reaction. One of them encouraged me to never be shy about my faith and continue to share with great passion. Never be afraid to share your experience. Another thanked me for having a good balance between and positive aspects and the unpleasant aspects of the reality of life for the people in that culture. Another asked when I was going on another trip and if I would come and share after my next trip. I challenged them to find some way to serve their communities when they get to go back to their homes.

I have 5 churches in which I will be presenting part of my experience between now and the end of May. There is a possibility that more may ask me to speak. I never imagined that I would be able to share with so many people here in Glendive.

2008 Philippines

Update from Francine Lee

I wanted to share what has been happening in the Philippines since I left. The group has enthusiastically continued in the Lord, meeting nightly to share together. The 37 new believers in Jordan are taking active roles in their worship times. The district pastor and family visits frequently and the helpers from my time there have stayed on awhile to strengthen the new church. Plans have commenced to provide a place of worship and livelihood programs have begun. Continue reading “Update from Francine Lee”

2008 Philippines, Global Missions

What a Difference the Adventist Message Makes!

I asked Pastor Jimmy Ramirez how many brothers and sisters he had. He said there were nine of them but three died as young children.

“My father was an alcoholic and my mother didn’t have an education. We had no money for medical care or for transportation. when my little brothers and sisters became sick there we just had to watch them die. It nearly drove my mother crazy. But all that changed when I was twelve.”

“What happened when you were twelve?”

“The Adventist message came to our village. There was no nearby Adventist church but somehow church leaders decided to start Adventist work in our area. A lot of people, including my family, were baptized. We started learning new ways of living that helped our families and our health.”

“Before that time all the boys would start gambling and drinking at about age thirteen. They would then pick up smoking and drop out of school. But when the Adventist message came to our village all that changed for those of us who accepted it.”

“That was twenty two years ago. There are now at least thirty of us for our village that have graduated from Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP). Two of us are pastors, three are school teachers and two are even professors at AUP where they graduated.”

“I am so thankful someone came to our village with the Adventist message.”

Today Jimmy Ramirez pastors the Lucena, Laguna Seventh-day Adventist district with 1,100 members in seven churches and four companies, including one in the Lucena Prison with more than 100 members. (Click here to read “12 Inmates Baptized in Lucena Prison”)

2008 Philippines

Are Material Possesions Holding Us Back?

Expect the unexpected. That was the counsel I, Carl Cosaert, was given while planning to head off to the Philippines for our families first mission trip. Since I don’t like to be taken by surprise, I thought I would get a better idea of what to actually “expect” by talking with people who had traveled to the Philippines before. So before we even packed our luggage, we learned so much about the Philippines that I was positive nothing would really take us by surprise. While I was right in many ways, the one thing I had under estimated was the full extent of the spiritual blessing God had planned for our family in the Philippines.

Once we arrived in the Philippines, everything at first seemed to be roughly what I had expected though I have to admit that traveling by car in the highly congested and under-regulated driving conditions in the Philippines was far more unnerving than I could have ever imagined. While everyone on the mission trip would eat lunch together, we learned that supper was to be provided by one of the families at the local church where each of us were assigned to work. So as we headed off to our church for the first time, I envisioned that the home where we would eat every night would probably resemble the extremely poor homes we saw scattered along the sides of the road. While that did turn out to be a reality for most everyone else on the mission trip, our situation was not what I had expected. It turned out that our church’s head elder and his wife were medical doctors. Their house while certainly more spacious than the average Filipino home, was very simple and plain. Their living room, however, was different. It was wonderfully decorated with ornate vases, elegantly handcrafted furniture, and beautiful curtains. This was definitely not the tiny, run down home with dirt floors I had expected.

Over the next two weeks, it was a privilege to become better acquainted with my wonderful host and his wife. They were not only extremely kind, generous, and humble, but also deeply committed people spiritually. Toward the end of our stay, my host told me that the vast majority of his siblings were living in the United States. I was curious why he had chosen to stay in the Philippines. His response was simple. “I’m afraid.” I figured he must be referring to violent crimes and the steady flow of violence depicted on television, movies, and the video games kids play in the United States. But I was mistaken; his answer was something I never would have expected. “I like life in the Philippines,” he went on to say. “I have a good job and I’m able to provide a modest living for my family. But I especially like the way church is here. I’m afraid that if I lived in the United States, I would be like many others I know who get so caught up in the riches of the world that they lose their faith in the process.

His words reminded me of the passage in James 2:5, ” Listen, my beloved brothers, has not God chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom…?” Here was a man who by American standards could have so much more materially, if he only wanted to live in the United States. But instead he chose to live in a very modest home by American standards for a person with his skills and education because his primary goal in life was not material riches, but in the spiritual riches he experienced in being a part of a small poor church in the Philippines. It’s so easy for us living in first world countries like the United States to become complacent in our faith. May God’s Spirit awakened us from our Laodicean slumber and teach us to value what really matters most in this life.







2008 Philippines

Closing Thoughts

I praise God for the opportunity to go to the Philippines on a mission trip.  As is always true, I received much more of a blessing than I gave.  And I was reminded what a miracle that love is.  Love is unique in that there is always room for more love.  You don’t have to divide what you have for others into smaller portions.  Instead you create new spots of love for the new people you meet, and you can love them with all your heart.  The thrill of being part of the reason that people come to Jesus and seal it with baptism is beyond comprehension.  It can only be experienced, not related.
The people of the Nagcarlan church will forever have a spot in my heart.  Pictured is Angie, my translator; Jeremy, 1st elder and right hand man; Buena, stayed with me from arrival to leave daily, and Sheila, RN, health lecturer.  I praise God for emails, as I have been able to stay in contact with them. A fun thing we just did this week was a hugging chain.  I asked one to hug another, then each hug another, etc till all were hugged.  They really enjoyed that.  We’ve set a meeting place in heaven at the Northeaster Gate of Heaven.
Gloria Wilson, Grants Pass SDA Church
2008 Philippines, Global Missions

Baptismal Update & How You Can Help

Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement during our recent Philippines For Christ 2008 mission trip. Below is the most recent update from Pastor Nelson de Chavez, the South Central Luzon Conference President. He indicates baptisms to date for each site (many more are expected in the next two months), financial giving possibilities (Donations can be sent to NPUC Philippines For Christ 2008, 5709 N 20th Street, Ridgefield, WA 98642 with an indication of which worthy causes your donation is for), and special greetings to Jere Patzer.

Dear Pr. Dan:

We, too had been blessed and inspired by our encounters with the members of your group. You have worked tirelessly for the souls in our territory. We will always cherish the precious moments we spent together in the service of the Lord!

Allow me to answer your letter point by point:


  • Calamba – 31
  • Dapdap – 35
  • Darasa/Laurel – 43
  • Dolores – 18
  • Jordan/San Miguel – 37
  • Liliw – 6
  • Los Banos – 20
  • Lucban – 37
  • Lucena – 17
  • Luisiana – 25
  • Lumban – 25
  • Lutucan – 22
  • Majayjay – 31
  • Nagcarlan – 48
  • Pagbilao – 11
  • Paete – 18
  • Pila – 32
  • San Juan – 75
  • Siniloan – 52
  • Sta. Cruz – 38
  • Tiaong – 22
  • San Pablo City – 244

TOTAL – 887


We thank the Lord for the generosity of your your team. Not only have they shared their time, but also their talent, treasure and their lives.

  • a. The Bible with the Study Help and 28 Fundamental Beliefs (Tagalog) costs $7.50 each.
  • b. Tuition, board & lodging for 1 semester at AUP is about $1,000.
  • c. Malamig Church in San Pablo City needs $2,500 to be completed. The churches in Liliw and Dapdap need more.
  • d. The congregations that need church buildings are Sta. Monica and San Lucas. A simple concrete church for 100-150 people costs $10,000-12,000. The brethren “donate” the labor while those who have the means contribute cash.
  • e. Major crusade like what we had in San Pablo City costs $10,000-15,000; the church-based evangelistic meeting is $2,000-5,000.

Our priority needs–

  1. * Bibles for new members. Our yearly baptism is 3,500.
  2. * Church-based evangelism budget of $2,000 for 25 sites.
  3. * 5 new church buildings for…
    1. – Rizal, Laguna
    2. – San Lucas, San Pablo City
    3. – Laurel, Batangas
    4. – Jordan, Sto. Tomas, Batangas
    5. – Sta. Monica, San Pablo City

I haven’t seen Mark but you can download the “Messenger” from sclcsda.org, click Publishing Department then click the LE SONGS.

Please convey to Pastor Jere that the Lord had greatly blessed the PATZER’S CRUSADE”! We thank you for choosing to work in South-Central Luzon Conference. We hope to work with you again soon.

God bless your leadership!

Your partners in the Lord’s work in this part of the world…

Nelson & Delba de Chavez