C. Evangelism & Outreach

  1. Campaign Schedule
    • Evening Meetings at individual meeting sites (except Thursdays)
      • 1 hours long including translation. Here is an adaptable outline
        • Local congregation music or activity (10 minutes)
        • Children’s Bible Story (10 minutes)
        • Bible Message (40 minutes)
        • Baptism each evening if the the people are ready and the district pastor authorized this
    • Daytime
      • Worship and Training meeting
      • Outreach in your community if possible. Talk with your translator and site coordinator to discover availability. See a list of outreach options below
    • Final Sabbath
      • Sit with the people from your congregation & meeting site if possible
      • Large Baptism
  2. Daytime Outreach Options. Outreach options might include-
    • Storytelling & activities at a nearby Adventist school
    • Teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) at a nearby public or Adventist school (training will be provided if this is new for you)
    • Visiting the homes of interests in the neighborhood
    • Passing out literature
    • Park or neighborhood cleanup
    • Vacation Bible School for neighborhood children
    • Health expo
    • Temperance programs for nearby schools
    • Many other options.
  3. Bible subjects we will preach
    • Because we are part of a large coordinated effort we ask each preacher to preach the designated message on the designated evening. When materials are sent to the speaker they will indicate which topics to present on which evening.
  4. DVD or CD Sermon Notes & Graphics available
    • Bible Messages – NPUC Missions will provide each speaker with sermon notes and graphics for the messages.
    • Practicing Your Messages – As you prepare each message before presenting it to the public, we recommend you follow these steps-
      • Ask God for wisdom and inspiration.
      • Read through the presentation twice, making notes for yourself.
      • Pick the 3-7 major points you want to emphasize in each message.
      • Practice preaching the message outloud twice.
  5. Equipment needed
    • Each guest team will need to bring the following for their meeting site-
      • Video projector & remote control. Borrow from you church, purchase or rent one.
      • Computer and remote control. (One place you may purchase these remotes is http://www.presentsolutions.biz/presentsolutions/)
      • Cords to connect the computer with the video projector.
      • Before you leave home, be sure to try everything out so you are sure you know how and if it works, then you can solve any difficulties at home.
    • The host site will provide-
      • A white wall, sheet or screen
      • A generator if needed
      • A transformer to covert power if needed
      • An extension cord and power strip
      • A sound system if needed
      • In your hotel you may need adapters for different sized wall outlet plug-ins and adapters for the small appliances such as hair dryers, electric razors, etc. Don’t use these small adapters for major equipment!
  6. Children’s Bible Stories to use
    • You may use any materials that are in harmony with Biblical & Seventh-day Adventist principles. You might check with your church health ministries or family life leader for materials.
    • Check with the children’s Sabbath School departments at your church to see what supplies they can lend or give you. If your church does not have materials already they might consider purchasing some with the understanding you will make similar presentations at home upon your return.
  7. Life of Christ DVD
    • Many teams have found this Biblically accurate DVD to be a wonderful evangelistic tool. Based on the gospel of Luke, a portion can be shown for ten to twenty minutes just before the evening program begins. This helps bring the people early and lets them see what an amazing sacrifice Jesus made for us. Then you can leave the DVD behind so church leaders can continue to use it after we are gone. Available in many languages.
    • Here is one website where it can be purchased for a reasonable cost-
  8. Team – How many people & what do they do?
    • For each meeting site-
      • Required-
        • Speaker
        • Translator (unless speaker speaks the local language). Provided by the local conference/mission
      • Recommended-
        • Bible storyteller
      • Very valuable but not required-
        • Medical professional
        • Dental professional
        • Construction worker(s)
        • Others who want to assist
    • Here is what each person does-
      • Speaker- Presents messages each evening. About 45-60 minutes including translation.
      • Translator- Translates entire program. The local conference/mission provides us with the translators.
      • Bible storyteller- Tells a simple Bible story and lesson, aimed at children but for all to benefit at each evening meeting. Many times teenager mission team members get their start in preaching by doing this. About 5-7 minutes including translation.
      • Medical/Dental professionals- we can often use the meeting site during the day as a medical or dental clinic for the community. This builds tremendous relationships that can be directed toward the evening meetings.
      • Construction workers- In many parts of the world there is a need to build or upgrade local churches.
  9. Translators – If you need to work with a translator here are some valuable tips.
    • Remember that we have come to serve, not be served.
    • If possible give a copy of your notes a day or two ahead to your translator
    • If possible arrive at your meeting site a little early so you can practice with your translator or discuss difficult stories or ideas in the message.
    • Speak short sentences using simple English
    • Remember that the Lord can overrule any problems just like He did on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2).
  10. Who Can Baptize?
    • In the Seventh-day Adventist church the following people can perform baptisms-
      • Ordained Ministers, whether employed by the host church organizations or one of the guest evangelistic team members.
      • Ordained Church Elders, at the request and with the authorization of the local conference president, but only in divisions taking action authorizing this to take place.
    • In harmony with General Conference action, some divisions have voted to authorize ordained elders to baptize while other divisions have not approved this.
    • On this mission trip baptisms will only be performed by local ordained ministers unless the local conference/mission president requests a guest evangelist who is an ordained minister to baptize. Thank you for being sensitive to these expectations.