A. Getting Ready To Go

Airline Tickets

After being accepted to go, each person going is responsible for purchasing his/her own airline tickets. Some buy their tickets online while others choose to use an experienced travel agent.

We do not give endorsements, but here are a website and two Seventh-day Adventist travel agents many of our mission teams members have found helpful for purchasing tickets–

  1. www.kayak.com
  2. Raptim Humanitarian Travel
  3. Siama World Mission Travel

Book your flight so you arrive before orientation and leave sometime after the last meeting ends.

Any side trips should be made before or after these dates.

Tickets generally cost much less if they are purchased early and are non-refundable.

Immediately after you purchase your ticket email the following information to NPUCMissions@nw.npuc.org

  1. Arrival date & time at your Orientation City
  2. Airline & flight number
  3. Departure date & time

We do NOT need your entire itinerary; only the above items. The local church leaders need this information to know 1) which flight(s) to meet and 2) when to begin hotel reservations.

Finances- Who pays for what?

  1. You, the guest evangelist or support team member
    • Travel expense- Airline ticket, lodging & meal costs, passport, visa and/or entry/exit fees, souvenirs, sightseeing & shopping activities. Estimates of costs are listed on this site. Do not pay lodging expenses online since sometimes local church leaders are able to negotiate a more favorable rate.
    • Equipment for your meeting site. This includes a video projector, computer, appropriate connection cables. These items might be borrowed or rented from your home church or elsewhere.
    • Presentation materials for Health, Family Life and/or Children’s Bible stories
    • Special Note: While on your mission, if you are asked by local members or leaders to assist with anything else financially, please follow these steps-
      • Ask them to give you any financial requests in writing to be passed on to local conference/union leadership.
      • If the requests are valid and a priority as indicated by local conference/union leaders feel free to assist as you are able.
      • Please do not help individual members or workers since this can be divisive and disruptive to God’s work.
  2. The host organization (Local Seventh-day Adventist Division, Union and/or Conference/Mission)
    • Preparing for and following up the reaping meetings, including preparing candidates for baptism
    • Advertising & Promotion of the reaping meetings
    • Preparing the location & program for the reaping meetings, including a screen (or wall or sheet), , an extension cord & power strip and music
    • Reserving the hotel for the guest team members
    • Providing transportation between the airport and the hotel on arrival & departure days
    • Designating a local site coordinator for each of the meeting sites
    • Providing a translator if needed
    • Transportation to and from site for meetings and outreach
  3. NPUC Global Missions
    • Set up & organizational support for those participating in the project
    • Sermon notes & graphics for speakers
    • An orientation plus daily worship, training & mentoring meetings during the project
    • Evangelism financial grant to the host organization to assist with the project
    • A major evangelistic meeting based in an arena and, if available and desired by the host church organizations, uplinked to many sites throughout the region

Financial Sponsors.

Many people would like to go on a mission trip but are unable to. Sometimes they are willing to help you go by donating to the costs of your trip. If you would like to raise money to help cover your costs follow these simple steps-

  1. Talk with your pastor and/or church board to get their approval for you to go and to let people donate to this project through the church.
  2. Register to go on the mission trip.
  3. Be willing to sacrifice. We recommend you set aside 10-20% of your after-tithe income toward the costs.
  4. Adapt the letter below and send it to at least fifty of your friends (at least three months before your departure if possible) & watch God bless.
  5. All donations should be turned in to the church and all expenses should be reimbursed out of the money available in the church account. Because donations are tax deductible, any money donated should be used for this mission project even if you are not able to go.



Thanks for taking a few minutes to read this letter.

I have been invited to go with a mission team to [city and country] this [month and year] to assist with some public Bible meetings in this needy part of the world. This will be an incredible opportunity to see first-hand the needs of this country and to bring hope to many people by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

During our time there, our team will be holding public Bible meetings, health and/or family life talks, and providing programs for the children to learn about Jesus. During the daytime we will visit people in the community, providing many kinds of outreach, praying for the sick and sharing Bible truths. I’ll be assisting in all areas but I’m especially looking forward to helping with [The area you will help with most].

To go I need to raise about $[Total of airfare + lodging + meals + miscellaneous expenses]. Of course I’ll be covering some of that cost myself but I’ve also been encouraged to invite others to help sponsor this project. Some might be able to help with $25, $50 or $100 dollars, and some might be able to help with even more. But if you can’t help at this time we believe your prayers for us are worth more than money could ever buy. Prayers are what will prepare our hearts and the hearts of the people we meet to receive Jesus.

If you can help financially, please send a check to me, made out to “[your] Seventh-day Adventist Church.” Your donation is tax-deductible.

When I return I’ll be happy to tell you about the experiences our group has had and to share some pictures I’ve taken.

Thank you and may God bless all of us as we work for Him wherever we are.


P.S. If possible please send any check by [last day of month, at least one or two months before departure].


NPUC Missions purchases from Adventist Risk Management Services the Short-Term Mission Insurance coverage recommended by the General Conference. This protection is purchased for all those who have registered and been approved on our website. Protection is NOT provided for anybody if their name and other personal information is NOT listed on the campaign website, even if they travel to and assist with the campaign. To be listed each speaker and support team member must complete the appropriate application form provided on the NPUC Missions website, AND NPUC has cleared them by going through the standard approval process.

Jet Lag

Many people experience jet lag upon arrival at their mission destination. Some of the best ways to quickly overcome jet lag are

  • Drink lots of water during the trip and upon arrival.
  • Do lots of walking and exercise during layovers and upon arrival.
  • Once you arrive try to get outdoors in the sunshine rather than take daytime naps if possible.

Orientation & Training- Why, when & where?


The orientation is essential for several reasons-

  1. Team building. Our teams come from many places and need to have one focus if we are to be successful in the mission God has called us to. This is the time we meet our local site coordinators.
  2. Communication. Rather than try to communicate information one hundred times to individuals we have found it to be much more effective to communicate it once to one hundred people.
  3. Training & Information. This is the time you learn vital information about the customs & culture, the evangelism & outreach program, and soul winning in general.

When & Where?

The orientation is usually one of two days before opening night and usually lasts about eight hours. See the NPUC Missions website for date and location. Please be on time or early.

Daily Worships- In addition to orientation we will have daily one-hour worship, training & mentoring meetings during the project except on Sabbaths.

Travel Dates- When to arrive, when to depart

Book your flight so you arrive before orientation and leave sometime after the last meeting ends. Any side trips should be made before or after these dates.

Travel Documents- Passport, Visas

  • Passport
  • Visas
    • It is very important to see if you need a visa for each country you will be visiting on your trip. Check www.traveldocs.com to find out if a visa is required, if there are any visa fees, and to download any needed visa applications. You can also work with your travel agent on this.
    • When filling out visa or immigration forms it is best to indicate “Tourist” rather than “Business” sine you have not come to buy, sell or negotiate, even though you are on God’s kingdom business! If asked by the authorities, you can explain that you will be visiting Adventist friends and sharing with people how to have better health, stronger families and a happy relationship with their Creator.

What to Bring

  • Travel Basics
    • Travel as light as possible. A few changes of clothes is much more practical than bringing a large wardrobe. Remember, you may need to walk long distances in airports. Luggage with wheels is very helpful. Many airlines have luggage limitation requirements. Check with your travel agent or airline for more information.
  • Personal Items
    • Bible & Sabbath School quarterly
    • Passport & Airline ticket
    • Clothes & Shoes (see “Weather” & “Dress Code” for more information)
    • Personal items- toiletries, towel, toilet paper roll, sunscreen, bandaids, insect repellent, anti-bacterial gel for handwashing, snacks for travel, medicines, etc.
  • Team Items
    • Video Projector w/ remote
    • Computer w/ remote
    • Appropriate connection cables
    • (These items might be borrowed or rented from your church or elsewhere.)

Who Can Go? Who Can Preach?

  • Anyone can go who-
    • Loves Jesus
    • Loves People
    • Can raise their costs
    • Is willing to help as able
    • Is in good health or has permission from their doctor
    • Is willing to experience some physical discomfort
    • Is wanting to be part of an adventure for God
    • Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for them.
  • Anyone can preach who-
    • Is willing to preach the Bible-based messages provided, and
    • Has permission from their Seventh-day Adventist conference or pastor OR has permission from the NPUC Global Mission Coordinator

Minor Children Under Age 18
If a minor child under age 18 goes on a mission trip they must be accompanied by at least one parent or an adult who will serve as their guardian. With the minor’s travel documents it is wise to have a notarized statement signed by both parents giving permission for the minor to travel (include dates and locations of travel) and to receive medical treatment if necessary.