2012 Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic 2012


Inter-American Division
Dominican Union Mission
Central Dominican Conference
San Pedro de Macoris


Needed: Speakers and support team members for 15 sites


  • Student Series March 16-24, 2012 (Orientation Thursday, March 15)
  • Ramon Canals Main Series March 9-17, 2012
  • Group Worship Service & Baptism, Sabbath, March 24


  • Preaching/Teaching the Bible

Estimated Participant Cost: $1,350-1,650

  • Estimated Airfare $700-1,000 (Fly into Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)
  • Estimated Lodging & Meals $550 per person at Coop Marena
  • Miscellaneous Expenses $100

In partnership with these Seventh-day Adventist Organizations

  • Inter-American Division
  • Dominican Union Mission
  • East Dominican Conference

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Calendar & Schedules, March 2012—

March   2012 Student   Series
Arrival March 14, Wednesday
Orientation March 15, Thursday
Begin Series March, 16, Friday
Cultural Trip & Night Off March 19, Monday
End Series March 24, Sabbath morning
Final Large Baptism & Rally March 24, Sabbath afternoon
Total Presentations 9
Orientation   Day Schedule— Student   Series
Mission Team Orientation March 15, 6-8pm
Mission Team & Local Leaders Orientation Together March 18, 4-6pm

Daily Schedule (except Sabbath)—

  • 8am Breakfast
  • 9am Group Worship & Discipling
  • 10:30 Preparation, Recreation, Relaxation (School Week of Prayer option for 2nd week)
  • 3pm Visitation and/or Week of Prayer at Schools
  • 7:30-9:30pm Evening Meeting at sites (Preach/Teach/Share), Return to Lodging

Estimated Participant Costs—

We rely on the recommendation of our hosts to find a safe, clean place for us to stay during our time overseas. The locals have negotiated a significantly lower rate for us at this hotel. We will take care of your reservation. NOTE: Do NOT contact the hotel to make a reservation.

Expense Student Series
Airfare (to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – airport code SDQ) $700-1000
Lodging & Meals (Coop Marena) $550
Miscellaneous Expenses $100
Estimated Participant Cost $1,350-1,650

Clothing Expectations for San Pedro de Macaris, Dominican Republic—

For these activities… Preaching/teaching Outreach/Visitation Other
Men Lightweight Suit (any color) w/tie Shoes (No flip flops or sandals) Slacks and shirt (any color) w/tie Shoes (No flip flops or sandals) Casual
Ladies Dress or skirt & blouse (no pants) Shoes (No flip flops or sandals) Same as Preaching/Teaching Casual

For more information you can email questions to Marella.Rudebaugh@nw.npuc.org.

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