2010 Peru

Peru 2010 – Project Macedonia plazadearmas

“During the night Paul had a vision of a man of Macedonia standing and begging him, ‘Come over to Macedonia and help us.’ ” Acts 16:9


South American Division
     North Peru Union Mission
          North Pacific Mission
               Trujillo, Peru 


Urgent Need: Spanish Translators

God has blessed our mission project and we may have more than our original intended 40 sites. This poses a good problem. We don’t have enough translators in Peru to accomodate our 40+ sites! If you speak Spanish or know someone who does and is interested in joining our mission trip. Please email me at Marella.Rudebaugh@nw.npuc.org.

 Download the Peru Flyer/bulletin insert, Click Here.


  1. Develop 40+ soul winners (youth/students, lay members, interns, pastors, conference & union leaders) from the northwest US and beyond to return home and win souls. Each participant will be encouraged to be involved in a Week of Reaping back home April 17-24, 2010.
  2. Win souls in cooperation with the local church leaders and members and strengthen the Seventh-day Adventist work in Peru.


  1. Preach, teach and conduct outreach at forty sites (20 student series + 20 full series).
  2. To help with a building project.
  3. Run day medical clinics out of area churches (we can use as many doctors and nurses as there are churches)


Building Project—


If you have a group of people who would like to help with a building project as well as evangelism contact Marella.Rudebaugh@nw.npuc.org. Plan to raise additional funds to assist.




Calendar & Schedules, March 2010—

March 2010 Full Series Student Series*
Arrival 10 Wednesday 17 Wednesday
Orientation 11 Thursday 18 Thursday
Begin Series 12 Friday 19 Friday
Cultural Trip & Night Off 15 Monday  22 Monday
End Series 27 Sabbath morning 27 Sabbath morning
Final Large Baptism & Rally 27 Sabbath afternoon 27 Sabbath afternoon
Total Presentations 16 9

Cheryl and Ed Dunn from the Alaska Conference are working on plans for a tour of Peru after the meetings and are open to having some others join them. They are looking at visiting Machu Pichu, The Sacred Valley, Manu Park, Lake Titicaca, and maybe more. If you are interested contact Cheryl Dunn at eaglechick@clearwire.net  by December 15, 2009.

Orientation Day Schedule— Full Series Student Series
Mission Team Orientation March 11, 2-5pm March 18, 6-8pm
Mission Team & Local Leaders Orientation Together March 11, 2-4pm March 18, 4-6pm


Daily Schedule (except Sabbath)—

  • 8am                           Breakfast
  • 9am                           Group Worship & Discipling
  • 10:30                        Preparation, Recreation, Relaxation (School Week of Prayer option for 2nd week)
  • 3pm                           Visitation and/or Week of Prayer at Schools
  • 7:30-9:30pm         Evening Meeting at sites (Preach/Teach/Share), Return to Lodging

Estimated Participant Costs— (As of 6/9/2009)

We rely on the recommendation of our hosts to find a safe, clean place for us to stay during our time overseas. The locals have negotiated a significantly lower rate for us at this hotel. We will take care of your reservation. NOTE: Do NOT contact the hotel to make a reservation.

Expense Student Series Full Series
Airfare (to Trujillo, Peru) $1,000-1250 $1,000-1250
Lodging & Meals (Gran Hotel el Golf) 400 800
Miscellaneous Expenses 100 100
Estimated Total for each participant $1,500- 1,750 $1,900- 2,250

Clothing Expectations for Trujillo, Peru—

For these activities… Preaching/teaching Outreach/Visitation Other
Men Lightweight Suit (any color) w/tie Shoes (No flip flops or sandals) Slacks and shirt (any color) w/tie Shoes (No flip flops or sandals) Casual
Ladies Dress or skirt & blouse (no pants) Shoes (No flip flops or sandals) Same as Preaching/Teaching Casual

For more information you can email questions to Marella.Rudebaugh@nw.npuc.org.